10 Best Brands of Crochet Thread

Learning your favorite crochet thread sizes and brands is your first step toward becoming a real enthusiast.

Many people who crochet will only work with one type of thread or yarn — it just depends on your style. In this article, we will present the options to you so you can experiment yourself. 

Crochet Thread Sizes

When it comes to crochet thread, smaller is always more; for example, size 6 is thicker than size 30. If you want to work with crochet thread but you are not used to it, you will want to start with thicker threads, or with lower numbers.

The thread scales are numbered from zero to seven. Zero is the thinnest. This is important because the thread labeled “0” is less weight, but its thickness is also comparable to some thicker threads. So if you are in a yarn store that doesn’t have a special department that handles thread, make sure you ask for some help because it can be confusing.

Best Brands of Crochet Thread

1. Thread Art

Cotton crochet thread for tablecloths, bedspreads, and well as home and fashion accessories. 100% mercerized 3 ply cotton. 50 gram balls. Available in 2 sizes: Size 3 and Size 10.

For Americans, you can find Thread Art at Walmart which is incredibly convenient. For all others, you can shop on Amazon; equally convenient. ThreadArt is one of the most affordable, locally available crochet thread in the market. You’ll notice a comparable size to Monaco or Cannon Crochet thread (which we will get to later in this list).

50 gram balls, 100% mercerized cotton, 3ply, Size 10, 175 yd. Size 7 hook recommended

2. Cannon

Made by the Manila Bay Thread Corporation, Cannon crochet thread is a product of the great country of the Philippines. With Cannon, there is a big influence on industrial manufactured products. 

Cannon is very similar to Monaco crochet thread (see #7 to compare). Both are size 8, and at 40 grams and 175 meters (191 yarns), the weight and length are very similar.

The biggest problem is that Cannon is only sold in the Philippines. You can order online, but orders and shipping is hugely delayed and often unreliable. 

3. Aunt Lydia’s

Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread is a very fine thread and made by a company which can always be trusted to deliver high quality and customer satisfaction. They’ve been around forever! 

Not to mention the convenience of purchase at many craft stores around the nation and online is A+! Plus, the price is very competitive.  The color quality is vibrant and wide and the threads are very malleable, even for newcomers to crocheting.

They are machine washable in warm water.

4. Bernat Handicrafter

We hesitated to include Bernat Handicrafter on this list just to keep it consistent, but in the end, people want choices! That being said, it is important to note that Bernat Handicrafter is not 100% mercerized cotton. Instead, you’ll get a thread that is 100% acrylic. 

Many people prefer acrylic thread, though, for beginners, yarn is usually easier as acrylic tends to slip everywhere.

5. Lizbeth

With Lizbeth, you know you’re going to receive a very durable and nice mercerized crochet thread. Along with several of the threads on this list, Lizbeth is affordable and easily available in the United States. 

We find that the thread is very good for color and Lizbeth is produced from 100% Mercerized Egyptian cotton and is manufactured in China.

Our only problem with Lizbeth is the length options. Yardage is limited. That’s because it’s not designed for large projects. The balls are pretty minimal.


We love that GOLO presents its threads by what level of experience you are for every crochet thread size. For example, their size 6 thread is marked for beginners and their size 10 thread is reserved for experienced crocheters. 

Those crochet thread sizes range in difficulty from size 1 to 10 with many yardage options.

It’s high quality material but comes in a bit shorter than other threads on this list like Aunt Lydia’s and Thread Art. In addition, you’ll be paying a premium for it since it’s not as widely manufactured.

Regardless, it’s still easy to find online.

7. Monaco

As mentioned earlier, Monaco is also from the Philippines. Matter of fact, the Monaco company seems to only sell products in Asia. Luckily, some angels sell it on eBay which allows for all of us to benefit from this thread.

It is one of the most widely well-reviewed thread in the world. It’s not so convenient to receive, but — WOW — we love it!

With vibrant colors and durable material, it comes in size 8 only, is 50 grams, 174 meters (191 yards) per ball.

8. DMC

DMC is a widely known brand in crochet thread. It’s made from combed cotton which is a very durable material and DMC prides themselves on their thread being 100% colorfast and non-fade.

The thread goes through a double mercerizing process that makes it even higher quality than some of the best threads on this list. Plus, it is offered at a high yardage count.

The only downside is that it is very hard to find in the United States.

9. Dalia

Dalia is a brand imported from our southern neighbors in Mexico. It is 100% Mercerized cotton crochet thread but not as widely popular as a few of the other brands on our list. However, that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with Dalia. It is still a very good product.

10. Artiste

We love a thread you can easily find at your neighborhood store. Artiste is that. It’s a crochet thread made and sold by Hobby Lobby which is an American craft store with branches all across the US. 

There are plenty of colors and the thread is great for beginners at its ultra discounts. Yardage ranges anywhere from 10 to 350.

Fun with Crochet Thread!

As you continue your journey through this art form, you will begin to pick up preferences for things like crochet thread sizes and brands and it will allow you to hone in on your craft. 

Whether you’re doing it for a hobby or professionally to sell, crochet thread will always be an important aspect of this expression.

Did we miss any thread or yarns that you like? Don’t be afraid to let us know in the comment section below!

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