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7 Free Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners & Intermediate

Here are a number of our favorite easy beginner crochet patterns free to try! Most of these are easy crochet projects which can be finished in a matter of hours.

First, you’ll have to know how to read crochet patterns which we will overview right now.

How to Read Crochet Patterns

To understand crochet patterns, you must know how to read crochet abbreviations and terminology:

  • beg = beginning
  • ch = chain stitch
  • ch sp = chain space
  • dc = double crochet
  • dec = decrease
  • inc = increase
  • mc = main color
  • rep = repeat
  • rs = right side
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • st = stitch
  • tr = treble crochet
  • ws = wrong side
  • hdc = half double crochet

7 Crochet Projects for You!

Here are several of our favorite all free crochet patterns for your next at-home fun project!

Crochet for Babies

Crochet Baby Boots

These little projects are wonderful gifts that both mother and child will love. Wouldn’t it be nice to treat your newborn to some special gifts?

A blanket is a popular choice for children, and you don’t have to worry about them growing out of it so fast. Try a design as quick as a simple striped baby blanket with super soft lace and yarn and fun colors.

Check out our Baby Blanket Pattern Tutorial:

If you’re looking for something your child can wear, baby slippers are fun. A crochet pattern like baby booties can be completed in one night. They can also be made in different sizes so your baby’s feet are warm as they grow up.

From colorful blankets to beautiful jackets and hats, there are endless designs that can be made for children in the early stage of their life.

Crochet Blankets Galore!

Crochet Blankets

Blankets are popular crochet stitch patterns because they are very fast and easy to hook. Many dedicated knitters also use crochet hooks for Afghan designs because they can be made in a short time.

Check out our Blanket Pattern Tutorial:

The blankets are available in a variety of styles, from mixed and square Afghans to solid shell Afghans. The possibilities are endless and this is a great opportunity to play with flowers.

One of the most popular crochet projects are classic granny squares. It is useful practice that will be used many times and is a great exercise for beginners. 

Crochet Ponchos, Shawls, Skirts

Crochet Ponchos

When you consider it, shawls and ponchos are just like blankets you can wear, so they are as simple to make and fun as any Afghan. They are also available in different styles and shapes, from stylish to casual.

If you think about it, the skirt is almost the same. Often they are just blankets combined with a small cut and a small shape. There are some good skirt designs to explore. But be prepared, because everyone will comment on your beautiful knitted skirt. If you’re an introvert, you may not want to stand out.

Whether you choose a scarf, a comfortable poncho, or a beautiful skirt, you’ll be happy to draw and wear any of these designs.

Warm and Fuzzy Crochet Socks

Crochet Socks

Everybody likes comfortable handmade socks. Although knitting is often preferred, you can also make great crochet socks.

The key to sock success is its design, and that’s what makes many of us who crochet give up. But with the right sock design and special care with the stitches, everyone can learn how to make them. 

If socks look too big for you, think about the simplest option. House slippers can be equally comfortable, but they often don’t have the same shape as ankle socks. They are also very beautiful and less time-consuming. And fun, fun, fun to wear!

Simple Crochet Flower Pot Hanger

Crochet Flower

Use simple hooks and less wire to create a container with plants of any size for your garden pot. This free hook design consists of single crochet, half double crochet, and post stitches for a robust and durable design. Beginners should be able to make this simple and flexible design with ease.

Crochet Dream Catcher

Crochet Dream Catcher

Add some color to your home with this all free crochet pattern that hangs on the wall. Choose a large branch of wood, a piece of dry wood, or a pin to hang your work. The bobble stitch is an intermediate stitch that adds texture to the pattern of the same color. The side strips at the bottom create an artistic boundary. 

Fringed Crochet Couch Pillow

Crochet Pillow

A small stripe of fringe adds a lot of elegance to your crochet pattern. This cushion adds edges in the middle of the pattern instead of usually attaching them to corners or edges, which makes it a fun modern decoration.

Skinny Crochet Scarf 

Crochet Scarf

If you know double crochet, you know how to make this simple yet elegant crochet scarf pattern. Carefully planned spacing creates a design element for the arrow, giving it extra texture. You can find free downloads almost anywhere for this sort of project.

Check out our Blanket Pattern Tutorial:

Crochet Patterns are Fun!

We want to see what you’ve come up with. Make sure to check out our tutorials to find more fun patterns to try yourself!

Leave any questions or post pictures of your crochet projects in the comment section below!

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