Crochet Hat Pattern tutorial

How to Crochet a Hat (+ 2 Free Crochet Hat Patterns)

Learning how to crochet hat patterns are a popular beginner’s step in figuring out the craft. That’s because there are so many easy crochet hat patterns free and available to use.

Not to mention, crochet hats are fairly easy to stitch and can be given as excellent, heartfelt gifts (a crochet baby hat would be perfect for the next baby shower you go to). 

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Crochet a Hat for Beginners

Step 1: Make a slipknot

Almost any crochet pattern starts with a slipknot. The quicker you can learn how to tie a slipknot, the further you will go. 

This is the knot that keeps your yarn on the hook while you operate.

Step 2: Make the foundation chain

This is simply the first row of chains that make up your hat. For a hat, the foundation chain is never too long. However, for something like a blanket, there would be many more chains on this first row.

For this hat crochet project, let’s start with 5 chains.

For a better idea on how to crochet a foundation chain, take a look at our beginner’s tutorial here. Note, whether you’re working with single crochet or double will depend on the specific pattern. In this tutorial, we will work with both.

Step 3: Create a slip stitch

This is a technique used to join one end of your foundation chain to the other — like a ring. To link up the ends, simply slide your crochet hook through the first stitch on the opposite end and tie them together with a single crochet stitch.

Step 4: Pick a starting point

It is direly important for a project like crochet hat patterns to keep track of the amount of stitches you’ve done. To accurately do that, you’ll need to focus your attention on where you started and remember it throughout your process.

Many people decide to tie a piece of string or yarn where the first stitch you started at is in order to symbolize your starting point. That way, when you get back to your starting point, you’ll know to start your count over.

Step 5: Start on the rows

From there, you are ready to start working your way down the hat in rows. In order to achieve the shape of a hat, consider alternating between single crochet and double crochet for every stitch. 

Step 6: Count your stitches

The first row is simple. As we said, five stitches should do. But in order to keep the shape of a hat, you’ll need to be very meticulous with your stitches count from then on. 

Remember, a double crochet stitch always counts as two stitches and the single will count as one. Here’s a rough recommendation as we see fit for how many stitches per row a crochet hat requires:

  • First row: 5 stitches
  • Second row: 10 stitches
  • Third row: 30 stitches
  • Fourth row: 45 stitches
  • Fifth row: 60 stitches
  • Sixth row: 75 stitches
  • Seventh row: 90 stitches

Step 7: Add length

Once you’ve reached the seventh row, chances are you’ve reached enough width to your hat so adding to the stitches count is no longer necessary.

Instead, you’ll want to continue on with single crochet stitches until you’ve reached the preferred length for your hat.

Step 8: Hide the loose end

Upon completion, you’ll want to weave the loose yarn end (after you cut it) back into your crochet hats pattern. That way, it looks natural and you can trick your friends into assuming you bought it!

You can use an embroidery needle for this. Congratulations! You’ve constructed your very own crochet hat!

Easy Crochet Hat Patterns Free

We want to see the progress you’ve made on your own crochet hat pattern feel free to ask questions and share your work in a picture left in the comments section. We are curious to see how you did.

And, as promised, here are a few free crochet hat patterns that would be great to start out on!

Let us know if we’ve helped you and what we can do to assist you from here 🙂

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