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How to Crochet a Magic Circle or Magic Ring for Beginners

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to crochet a Magic Circle also called Magic Ring. The Magic Circle can be used when you are crocheting a round, for example for a sunburst granny square, a beanie or even for the head of a cuddly toy. Many thanks to Bella Coco for this amazing step-by-step tutorial. You will see that one you get it, it is really easy! 

For this magic ring, I’m using a 8 ply acrylic yarn and a 3.5mm (E/4) crochet hook.

What you want to do to start is take the loose end of your yarn and place it over your fingers like below. You might  just want to use your thumb just to hold that into place.

Then take the working end of your yarn and wrap it around your fingers and again I use my little finger to hold that in place. You now, should  have an X on the front of your hand but on the back of your hand you have two straight lines of yarn.

Now, take your hook and place it underneath the first thread and pull through the second thread like so:

Then, twist your hook and grab the same piece of yarn

Lift up your hook to create a little space and pull through that thread.

Place your finger on the hook and just gently pull out your fingers out of the circle and that is quite simply your Magic Circle.

All that you have left to do now is chain however many chains are being instructed to do. I choose to chain three to get up to the height of a treble stitch which is double in the US.

Then I do a few treble stitches into the center circle.

You can pull on the thread that make the circle to make the circle smaller which makes it easier to work into as you’re putting your stitches.

Repeat these stitches until you get something that looks like a rainbow.

We want to connect it up at the end to turn it into a circle.

Hold on to your work with the fingers that hold your crochet hook. Then take the thread that forms the circle and gently pull it. You’ll see that this will start to close up nicely and you can really get a nice tight circle with hardly any gap at all in the center.

Now, all that’s left to do is connect from one side to the other to turn it into a circle.

To do so, insert your hook into the top of the chain. 

 Then put your hook over the yarn and pull through.

Yarn over and pull through to tie off.

You can snip off your yarn and there you have Circle!

crochet magic circle banner

Now that you know how to do a Crochet Magic Circle, you can try to do a Beanie by clicking on the link below:

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