How to Moss Stitch Crochet for Beginners Easy Tutorial for Linen Stitch and Granite Stitch

How to Moss Stitch Crochet for Beginners (EASY Tutorial for Linen Stitch & Granite Stitch)

In today’s lesson, we will walk you through a beginner’s tutorial for how to Moss Stitch Crochet; one of many techniques to learn as you advance your craft. 

Thanks to Melanie for her help in piecing together this tutorial for you. She is an excellent resource for beginner crochet addicts. You can support her by Liking her page on Facebook.

Moss stitch is best known for its color-pulling. As you can see in the photo above, you can use it to create a sort of plaid effect. Our project today will feature a one-color pattern but can be modified to alternate colors every row.

Difficulty of Project: 1 (EASY)

Let’s get started on Moss Stitch Crochet. . .

You Need:

  • Size 5.5 Crochet Hook
  • Size 4 DK Yarn
  • Starting chain of 32

Step 1: Insert through 4th Chain

With your chain of 32 already worked, insert your crochet hook through the 4th chain from the hook.

Step 2: Single Crochet

Next, simply single crochet one stitch. If you don’t know how to do this, check out this tutorial.

Step 3: Chain One

Following that, we’re going to chain one. If you don’t follow, you may need to start here.

Then, we are going to skip a chain onto the next one. Repeat this process for the length of the chain to complete your first row.

At the end of the row, you need to chain two to complete your turning stitch.

Step 4: Add Single Chain Row

To make adding your second color easier, a row of single crochet to work with will be really effective.  In each chain space, we are going to add a single crochet row. This will make things less complicated moving onto your next color.

So, after you make your turning stitch, you’re going to single crochet and chain one down your next row (same color). Repeat this process until the end of your chain, then on the last chain, Single Crochet and chain two for the turn.

Just a quick tip before we move on: Never, ever crochet into the moss stitch. We are simply working from our row of single crochet between colors.

Step 5: Add Single Crochet Row (Again)

You get the idea by now. If you want, you may opt to add more colors. At the end of the next row of single crochet, you’ll only need to chain one.

That’s basically it! Keep going like that until you’ve reached a design of your desired length. 

Make sure to share your work in the comments below via pictures. We love to see what people have come up with after our tutorials.

Happy stitching 🙂

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