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How to Single Crochet Stitch for Beginners (& Foundation Single Crochet Tutorial)

So, you’ve learned the easy steps of setting up your crochet art like creating slipknots and chain stitching, now it’s time to practice how to single crochet stitch.

In this tutorial, first, we are going to go over the step-by-step tutorial with photos which will allow you to learn the practice of single crochet (SC) in under ten minutes. Then, as a bonus, we will teach you how to do foundation single crochet as well as reverse single crochet stitch. 

Sounds fun, right? It’s a 3-for-1 tutorial! So, let’s get started. . .

How to Single Crochet Stitch

The single crochet stitch is one of the most common styles in the entire crochet community. This is because it is quick, uses less yarn, and it is truly one of the easiest practices to perfect.

Thanks to Angela for her help on this one — she’s a really great resource for crochet. Check her out!

Let’s take a closer look now how to single stitch:

Step 1: Make a slipknot

For the purpose of making this convenient for those who already know how to make a slipknot, if you do not know how, feel free to check out our “How to Crochet” beginner’s guide to complete this step.

Step 2: Create a chain stitch

In the guide linked in Step 1, you’ll be able to learn how to chain stitch if you don’t know how, as well. 

Step 3: Insert and slide hook in next chain

Find the first chain in your newly created chain stitch row and insert the needle through the hole.

Step 4: Yarn over and pull through

Once the needle is through the hole to the other side, yarn over and pull the yarn under that chain. You should have two loops around your needle as seen in the third photo here:

Step 5: Yarn over (again) and through the loops

Yarn over for a final time and draw your hook through both loops on your needle. 

And Viola! You’ve just completed your first Single Stitch. Told you it was easy!

Now, repeat steps #3-5 in each of the next chains until you’ve run out of chains. Remember, practice makes perfect!

How to Reverse Single Crochet Stitch (4 Steps)

  1. Insert hook from the back of the stitch to the right.
  2. Yarn over the needle and slide the yarn through the stitch.
  3. Yarn over again and this time bring the yarn through 2 loops around the hook.
  4. Repeat the process in each stitch of the row.

As you will see, the reverse single crochet is basically the same but the location of the stitch is different. Here’s an info-graphic from Annie’s Craft Store to help us out and save all of us some time!

How to Foundation Single Crochet Stitch

Here’s an excellent instructional visual from Sigoni Macaroni to demonstrate a foundation single crochet stitch:

So, there’s your 3-in-1 single crochet stitch tutorial. If you have questions regarding what we’ve presented, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

We’d love to see your progress on these stitches. Feel free to leave pictures of yours in the comments below as well 🙂

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