How to Triple Crochet for Beginners Easy Tutorial

How to Triple Crochet for Beginners (EASY Tutorial)

In this Easy Crochet Tutorial, we will learn how to triple crochet which is the more-advanced common crochet after single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet.

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Let’s get started!

How to Triple Crochet for Beginners

We will skip a few steps such as how to make a crochet chain. If you need help with that, take a look here.

Step 1: Start with 13 Chains

Chain thirteen at the start and that will give us 10 triple crochet stitches at the end. If you want to do more, obviously, you will have to chain more. The first three chains will act as our turning chain which is why we have three more chains than stitches. 

Step 2: First Triple Crochet

Now that all of that work is out of the way, it’s time to begin the triple crochet. Begin by yarning over twice on your hook. Then, find the fourth chain to slide your crochet hook through.

Insert the hook, push it through the fourth chain. After, hook your spare yarn and pull it through the fourth chain. Like so:

As seen below, there should be four chains looped around your hook:

Step 3: Pull through Two

Next step is very important to follow closely. Carefully yarn over once more and pull the excess yarn through your first TWO chains on the hook.

Only pull through the first TWO!

If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll now have only three chains on your hook.

Step 4: Pull through TWO (again)

Next, do the same process: Yarn over, pull through two. But this time, you’ll only have two looped around your crochet hook.

Once you’ve achieved this, you’re ready to yarn over and pull through the last two chains looped around your crochet hook. Simply repeat the process you’ve been following.

Upon finishing that, you’ve completed your first triple crochet. Congratulations! To add more triple crochet stitches to your work, simply repeat this process from step #2.

How to Triple Crochet: Mastered!

Now that you have the secret formula to triple crochet, it’s time to share! Feel free to show us your first work in the comments below by snapping a photo and sharing it in the field box. Shy to share? That’s okay, you can just join the conversation below and feel free to ask us anything you aren’t sure of when it comes to this technique. 

Happy crocheting 🙂 

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